Kameshia Freeman

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Kameshia

As Chief Operating Officer, Kameshia oversees the daily operations of the company and facilitates its strategic direction. She previously served as a Director for the Center for Broker Services with the General Services Administration’s national office. With more than 21 years of experience in government real estate, strategic planning, and contract and policy development, she provided technical direction and program oversight to contractors and regional program managers nationwide for three national broker contracts. Kameshia’s most notable accomplishment is having led the development for GSA’s third and fourth generation brokerage contract, GSA Leasing Support Services (GLS) Plus and its predecessor, GLS. Kameshia successfully managed a brokerage program that awarded more than 5,500 task orders over the past 15 years, equating to more than $433 million in commission dollars. Kameshia also serves on the Advisory Board for Avery Capital, a $100 million dollar GSA anchored real estate fund.

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